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Tavern – Cafe

Tavern - Cafe

100% Authentic Cretan Cuisine!

Certified Cretan Cuisine

100% Authentic Cretan Cuisine!

In the spirit of the Cretan tradition, the tavern of “Earino” will delight you with a variety of local specialties. Despite the fact that the Cretan cuisine needs no introduction, just to mention some of the highlights of our menu: homemade bread and rusk, roast meat, potatoes cooked in the wood burning oven, fried snails (“chochlioi”), country sausages, omelets and soft cheese pies made from a local recipe (“agnopites”).

Using only pure products like olive oil, honey, biological vegetables, dairy products and other delicious goods come directly from our fertile land, our tavern offers unique Cretan food and multiple combinations of taste, colors, aromas and tradition. The café “Earino” in the yard is perfect for breakfast or coffee time while offering a stunning view of Malevyzi valley. Or else, if you only wish to relax at the café, then let your senses be seduced by the taste of our domestic wine and homemade raki and get pleasure from the Cretan hospitality.

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